Tim Gomersall - Artist and Illustrator

Welcome to my site, thanks for stopping by!


I make my art in Leeds, UK, where the Yorkshire coast and Lake District are only a short drive away – so I am never short of inspiration.


My work is a response to the beautiful places, people and animals of the British Isles, from the blend of ancient and modern in our cities to the awe-inspiring fells, dales and sea cliffs.

I straddle the line between illustration and fine art: I aim to capture the essence and emotional impact of places, while introducing playfulness and a slightly anarchic feel. 


I have found pen, ink and watercolour to be the ideal media for my subject matter and approach, so that is what I tend to work with.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, and do get in touch to ask about commissions, workshops, sales, or just to say hello!