New Leeds exhibition and other news

“Guardians of the City” by Tim Gomersall & Richard Heald It has been a wonderful few weeks since my last update. October saw my work enter one of my favourite independent galleries, the Saltbox Gallery in Helmsley, where a few of my offerings are looking for new permanent homes. We took a trip to the […]

The accidental art teacher

Demonstrating urban sketching to Horsforth Art Society. Look at that face – this is very, very serious stuff! When I was a kiddo (which is DEFINITELY not very long ago…), there was a well-known advertising campaign to encourage more people into the teaching profession. It showed inspiring Bright Young Things decked out in stylish garbs […]

On the merits of being on a boat in a rainstorm

Maiden Island, viewed from Oban Harbour Arriving at the flat, I was greeted with a clear view over Oban bay, and beyond, to the island of Kerrera and the Sound of Mull. The first subject to look at was a little green and black rock jutting out of the sea called Maiden Island. There are […]

Adventures in Scotland part 1 – On Fishing Boats

The first part of a short series on experiencing and capturing the beauty of the Scottish highlands We began our travels around Scotland in a fourth floor flat in Oban with stunning views over the harbour. I started recording my experiences in pen and paint right away, and it’s always the chunky fishing boats that […]

What I’ve learned through a month and a bit of daily bird paintings

Northern Gannet Like many people, I started to notice the birds during the first lockdown. In those strange times when, between eipsodes of Tiger King, we walked down the middle of main roads laughing for the lack of cars, they became difficult to miss. Crows and magpies picked at the edges of boarded up bins, […]

It’s all gone a bit nuts.

Hanging out and enjoying the spooky feel of Whitby. I enjoyed sitting midway up the famous steps, nailing the tricky perspective, and capturing the spooky soul of the place. We’ve just arrived home from another trip to the coast, where we swam in the chilly North Sea, nurtured our inner goths in Whitby, and witnessed […]

Who do you think you’re talking to?

The Piece Hall, Halifax Why is it that people take it as an invitation to strike up a conversation with strangers when they see someone drawing? There’s no other human activity that seems to do this in quite the same way: It would be seen as absurd, and rightly so, to approach someone working on […]

Urban Sketchers UK 2022

Kirkgate Market (c) Tim Gomersall 2022 From the 9th to the 11th of September, a group of artists descended on my home town of Leeds for the 2022 Urban Sketchers UK meetup. It is actually quite a rare thing for me to get out painting with other artists, so it was a real pleasure to […]

What’s the point of realistic drawing?

He Wears a Blue Bonnet (c) Tim Gomersall 2022 I think one of the worst things an artist can hear is that their work looks just like a photograph. If you think about it, what this is saying is that you are maybe, almost, just about as good at representing “reality” as the little box […]

Uncanny adventures in Glasgow, part 2.

Feather © Tim Gomersall, 2022 Growing up in the 1980s as a child of the North, I had the impression that cities were just… really… grey. The Leeds of the 1980s was dominated by nondescript boxy buildings, a skyline pierced by high-rises and cranes. A not-so-fine layer of soot and grime clung to everything, a […]