The Art Post feature

As an artist in the early days of developing my practice, I’m always looking to connect with others who share a love of art. It’s hard to stand out and get found by people who might enjoy your own work in an increasingly crowded field of talent: I am always amazed at just how many outstanding artists and illustrators there are out there. I meet them at art fairs, drawing classes and indie galleries, and it’s unlikely you would have heard of most of them! What is a newcomer to do?

The Art Post is one of those great places where local artists are connected to the wider world. They offer a subscription for anyone who wants to learn about local up and coming talent, giving people a chance to hold miniature versions of artworks, in the form of postcards, in their hands. They also run the world’s tiniest art gallery, using these same miniature works, in Sheffield. I’m very pleased to have been featured by these guys as a top Leeds artist! Here’s my profile: Top 50 Leeds Artists and Their Iconic Featured Art (

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